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Buyers & Exhibitors

 I want to thank you and the Mart folks for encouraging me to attend the Denver Show. It is really nice for me to see some of my reps st the show!  I think it is good marketing to focus on stores that you know are writing the dollars and work with us to keep those dollars in our territory. I had several lovely experiences while I was there and found some new products too. One of my strong lines has a Denver rep that I didn’t even know existed!  So it was good fun and a good experience overall. I thank you for my participation in your VIP package. I hope you have a wonderful season and enjoy the entrance into spring!! Beth Bauerle, The Main Paige 

I was pleased to see all of the vendors this Spring (February 2020) It was great to see the Terrace Gardens in the Denver Mart Full. The atmosphere seemed upbeat, also, there appeared to be more temporary vendors with more offerings than usual. Thanks, it was a good show us. –  Buyer

Loved the Atmosphere and the greeters at the front of the show. Nice touch with the soaps and lotions in the restrooms! – Buyer, Austin Accent

Liked the flow in the Expo (temporary exhibitor section) – Buyer February 2020

Very well put together and very receptive vendors. Overall a great show. – Buyer

The show has been a great place for us to find new ideas and products, gather info on suppliers of interest, and place a few orders. This year we stayed until the end of the show and was rewarded with some very helpful “Cash and Carry” purchases. – Buyer February 2020

“Thank you for having us, you have quality buyers. We look forward to coming back to this show, you all did an amazing job!” Exhibitor

I like being able to see the quality of each product before buying, and talking face to face with someone about the product is important. I do not like online shopping for new items. I will be back at the next show.” – Museum Buyer

“We met a number of new buyers and many new vendors. We like all of the advertising opportunities that are offered.  Melanie and the marketing team has done a great job getting new products and buyers to the show. This is what brings buyers back, keeping the quality high.  The cheap stuff at other shows doesn’t interest our buyers.”  – Exhibitor

“There were several items here (Denver) that I haven’t found in Vegas and would never think to look for. I’m glad I did, those items are selling great!” – Brad, Buyer

“The Saturday night event was wonderful, the food, the music, and the looks on stage were all great. We sat with a few buyers and had a blast!” – Exhibitor

“This past weekends Rocky Mountain Gift and Apparel Show was my first visit to the Denver Mart and I had a blast! I made great
connections to help my business!”– Sarah, Buyer

“I really like the Denver Mart. It is very comfortable and relaxing while also being professional. The permanent showrooms are great.
I like all the lines that are represented. The cash and carry section is a good part of the show.” – Buyer

“We always love exhibiting at the Denver Gift Show. It is great to reconnect with our long time accounts. Because we have a variety of minimums and price points, this show is a great opportunity to meet new
buyers with new needs.” – Showroom

“Like the show. Always meet great new vendors. Thanks.” – Alan, Buyer

“Management is the best & easy to work with, no unions, free tables & risers. Oscar’s men are the best in the field!” – Mary, Exhibitor

“Office staff were very helpful in getting our organization registered quickly so that I could attend the Feb. Gift Shop Show and the seminars!” – Francine, Buyer

“I make sales at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show. The staff is easy to work with and do their best to bring in stores.” – Exhibitor

“It’s the nearest show to me and my vendors are mostly from here, so they are very knowledgeable about the items that are selling in my area.” – Buyer

“Love the show. Thanks for all you do putting it together.” – Bernard, Buyer

“It’s a regional show, yet draws many out of state buyers. It’s small enough for buyers to see everyone and not be overwhelmed by its’ size.
Plus, the quality of buyers makes it feel like a bigger show.” – Exhibitor

“It’s my first time at the Denver Gift show and I’m happy with the orders I placed with new companies!” – Buyer

“Relaxed atmosphere, great customer base.” – Exhibitor

“It was my first time attending and I was thrilled with everything the show offered. I learned so much from the seminars. Thank you!” – Buyer

“Everyone was very friendly. It felt well organized. The free lunch was nice.” – Buyer

“It’s a nice show, very easy to work with the team putting on the show. Moving in and out is super easy which makes a big difference to exhibitors.” – Carrie, Exhibitor

“I really like all the temporary exhibitors. The show is even bigger than last year!” – Julia, Buyer

“Nice job on new Exhibitors” – Francine, Buyer

“The Rocky Mountain Gift Show is totally different than other gift shows. We will continue to exhibit, the August show is our favorite.”– Exhibitor