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The 20 Best Gifts for Photographers in 2024

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You should know by now that Photography tends to be on the expensive side. So, it’s quite tricky to get something as a gift for a photographer. With so many different types of accessories, it’s also hard to determine what’s compatible with their equipment and what’s not.

That’s why we’ve created this list to help choose the perfect gift for your photographer friend that is within your budget. While choosing things like photography software (we recommend Luminar AI), can be difficult, these physical products are a safer bet. Check out our list below.

Here’s Our List Of The Best Gifts For Photographers

Lens Coffee Mug

Sornean Camera Lens Coffee Mug Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler Cup for Couples Creative Photographer Gifts (Zoomer)

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This mug resembles a Nikon Zoom Lens. The outside of the mug is crafted in a high-quality PVC material while the inside features stainless steel. It has an amazing design and made from quality material.

This mug is a must-have while out on those early morning sunrise shots. Great gift for a camera lover!

LOOP World Travel Adapter

LOOP World Adapter Plug, Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger

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Photographers love to travel. And one of their struggles, when they leave their country, is the different plugs and voltages. The LOOP World Travel Adapter solves this problem by providing a universal 11-pin socket that works with any outlet in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe. Making it the perfect gift for photographers who want to travel!

Giraffe Shutter Hugger

Shutter Huggers Giraffe Shutter Hugger GIR001

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Help your friend take great portraits of children with this Giraffe Shutter Hugger. Not only will it hugs the camera lens so their hands are free to stabilize the camera, but it also gives children something fun to focus on for a more relaxed and natural portrait.

Selfie Remote Shutter

Premium Selfie Remote Control Camera Shutter Release

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One of the photographer’s struggles is not being in the photo. Being a photographer means leaving yourself out of group shots. That is why this Selfie Remote Control Camera Shutter Release will make a great gift for any photographer who loves to take center stage once again in their photos.

All they need to do is to pair it with their device and then they will be able to control their camera remotely!

Cable Organizer

AppleCore Cable Organizer 7 Pack Combo

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Photographers work with a lot of cords every day. This Cable Organizer will manage every wire from their photography equipment to their computers, to their power cables allowing them to keep their workspace tidy.

Don’t let a Photographer get stuck in a tangle of wires ever again!

Foldable Solar Charger

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What makes this solar panel a great gift for a photographer? Well, for one it utilizes the power of the sun when there are no power outlets around. And two, it has a waterproof folder that will protect your charging devices against rain or other water sources. It’s also one of the most compact solar chargers on the market.

Portable Light Box

Foldio 2 Foldable All-in-one Mini Studio Portable Light Box for Smartphone Photography

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Lighting is important in photography. And with this Mini Studio Portable Light Box every photographer can take high-quality pictures without the help of big bulky strobes and flashes. This lightbox will let them bathe their product in light, bringing out even the tiniest details.

It also comes with the Foldio App which provides optimized product photos.

BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap

BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap, 1pc of Safety Tether Included

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Getting a photographer a quality strap will go a long way in helping them carry and access their equipment fast and easily. This BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap is built with nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam and polyester air mesh which will keep them cool and comfortable for those demanding shoots.

Kodak Instant Print Camera

Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera (Grey)

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This Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera, allows you to instantly print out 2″ by 3″ photos in either colored or black and white. It’s fast and easy to use. This 10MP camera offers a wide-angle f/2 lens and comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on the flash in low-light settings. No computer necessary!

Holga Filter Wheel

Holga Filter Wheel for Canon DSLR

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Give a Photographer a new trick up their sleeve. Add 18 different filters and prism to their collection. This Holga Filter Wheel has eighteen different filters and prisms that they can change with the simple turn of a wheel!

The fantastic plastic Holga base-lens is responsible for its distinctive lo-fi toy camera look, which is great all on its own. It also allows you to shoot video through it too.

X-Star Premium Drone

VOOCO X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-Mile HD Live View & Hard Case (Orange)

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If the Photographer in your life loves taking photos from a bird’s eye view, you may well consider getting this Premium Drone for him. It has a 4K Ultra HD video camera with a quick-release 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. It comes packed in a semi-hard orange and white case which is splash-proof and zippered.

It also has Smart-Flight features like Follow, Orbit, and Waypoints allow the photographer to focus on controlling the camera rather than the flight controls so that they can capture the most extraordinary scenes.

Astrophotography Bundle

Orion Adventures in Astrophotography Bundle

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Do you know someone who’s looking forward to taking amazing astrophotos? This bundle will make a great gift for them. Everything they need to take very wide-field astrophotos of the night sky with their own camera they can find right here.

The Orion Adventures in Astrophotography Bundle let them take surprisingly detailed pictures of star fields, the Milky Way, or star-trails with a point-and-shoot or DSLR camera.

DSLR Battery Holder

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Help your Photographer friend organize their photography equipment with this Think Tank Battery Holder. Because batteries can be a pain to find when they are loose in the bag. Think Tank Battery Holder fits batteries found in most standard camera bodies, such as the Nikon D810, D750, D600, D7200, Canon 5DMKIII, 7D MKII, 70D, Sony A77, Fuji X-T1, etc.

LensPen Camera Cleaning Kit

LensPen New DSLR Pro Camera Cleaning Kit, NDSLRK-1

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Everything your photographer needs to clean their lens, viewfinder & filter is right here. Because cleaning cloth can gather grit, which scratches your lens, this Lenspen is the best alternative for cleaning their beloved lenses. One end has a brush for getting off the grit, and the other end has a carbon swab for removing smudges. Just screw off the cap, clean the lens, then recap right afterward, then the lens is good as new.

Memory Cards

SanDisk 64GB Class 4 SDXC Flash Memory Card- SDSDB-064G-B35

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Memory Cards are great gifts for Photographers because a photographer always needs more space for photos. If you’re looking for the best cards out there, we recommend these Sandisk 64GB Class 4 SDXC Flash Memory Card. Cards include security feature for protection of copyrighted data. And has passed the durability tests to protect memories from life’s mishaps.

Memory Card Case

Memory Card Case - Fits up to 22x SD, SDHC, Micro SD, Mini SD and 4X CF - Holder with 22 Slots (8 Pages)

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Aside from the Memory Cards, this case will make a great gift for Photographers as well. It’s ideal for keeping cards organized and labeled inside. It has 22 slots in total and fits SD, SDHC, Mini SD, Micro SD, Memory Stick Pro Duo, XD, and MMC cards. It is strong and durable and can also be used to keep other things organized.

External Hard Drive

Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB External Hard Drive

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Your friend probably has a good external drive already. But this Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB External Hard Drive will never be turned down and will always be appreciated. It features a minimalist metal enclosure and comes with a 2-month complimentary membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Camera Shoulder Bag With Waterproof Cover

Koolertron Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag Backpack Rucksack Bag With Waterproof Rain Cover For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus

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This video camera bag has two separate packets, the above is for storing various objects and below is for storing camera equipment.

It’s practical. And you can even put clothes, daily necessities, snacks, etc. in it. It also comes with a rain cover, concealed in the bottom zippered bag, so you may not worry about the equipment getting soaked if you come across a rain outside.

This great waterproof bag will keep the beloved camera safe, secure and dry.

The Art Of Photography

The Art of Photography, 2nd Edition: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression

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This textbook is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers and covers both traditional and digital photography techniques. Throughout the book, Barnbaum the author, goes well beyond the technical, as he delves deeply into the philosophical, expressive, and creative aspects of photography so often avoided in other books.

It is truly the resource of choice for the thinking photographer.

F-Stop Watch

F - Stop Photographer Unisex Analog Watch

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A great photography-inspired watch. Measure time by the aperture. The numbers of the F-stops in white marks are featured on this watch. With its 33mm diameter face, genuine leather band, and Japanese quartz movement it is always time to take photos!

Although it’s not waterproof it is still a good buy as it comes boxed in a beautiful tin display case. Worth giving to your Photographer Buddy.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking to please a special photographer in your life or just you want to reward yourself, you’ll find something on this list to do the job perfectly.

If you like this article, feel free to share it with your friends. And don’t forget to also check out our other articles which are The Best Gifts for Bakers and The Best Gifts for Gardeners.

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