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Benefits of Exhibiting

The Rocky Mountain Gift Show is currently accepting exhibitors for August 2020.

Thousands of Buyers
The Rocky Mountain Gift Show at the Denver Mart is an ideal platform to showcase your collections, giving you the opportunity to reach thousands of buyers, gain direct face-to-face contact with decision-makers, generate new customers immediately, make on-the-spot sales, introduce your company to new prospects, brand your business, direct access to your target market, and introduce new products and services.

Exhibitors Have Great Locations In The Expo:
The Expo Building, 90,000 square feet dedicated to Order-Taking, Cash & Carry, Immediate Release, Gifts, Lodge, Resort, Souvenir and related industries. Over 100 temporary exhibitors converge at the Denver Mart during this show.

All-Inclusive Booth Package
In addition to our buyer and retailer base, our event offers exhibitors an all-inclusive booth package including, but not limited to:

Interested in Exhibiting?
Receive details on booth packages, pricing and availability.

Non-union facility
WiFi, free parking, easy move-in
Free material handling/drayage
Unlimited undraped tables and risers
500 watts electricity
Booth equipment: Carpeting, chairs, clothing racks, trash cans
Daily cleaning of space
24-Hour security
Free listing in the Show Directory and on the website
Exhibitor identification sign
Cash incentives for exhibitor referrals
First time exhibitors receive “New Exhibitor” signage in booth
Exposure on the Gift Show Website Exhibitor Photo Gallery
Free postcards, Website & Show Directory listings
Inclusion in print & email campaigns, targeting over 10,000 stores
Preferred hotel discount rates
Multiple booth discounts


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Marketing & Promotions
Marketing, advertising, promotions, and branding are proven “keys to success”. Gift Show Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the various promotional tools such as donating to the “Swag Bags”, advertising in the show directory, sponsoring various functions, events and more.

Contact Us Today!
For information on exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show, please contact giftshow@denvermart.com or call 800-289-6278