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NEW Products for February 2019!

VISIT participating exhibitors and VOTE for your favorite NEW products at the show.
Voting ends Monday, February 25 at 12 noon. 

Shell Creek Sellers Steel straws
Shell Creek Sellers X437 – Winner

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Gift Set – Eco friendly Metal Drinking Straws – Each set comes in a muslin Eco-Bag for easy travel and contains 2, 10 inch bent straws, 1 cleaning brush and 1 wide straw perfect for smoothies, shakes and Boba tea. BPA free!

Entosense 3 colored tubes with crickets
Entosense X337

Our newest product is the Mini-Kickers/Flavored Crickets. Everyone gets a kick out of eating crickets. Mini-Kickers are a big handful of roasted crickets, seasoned just right. Crickets are natural, non-gmo, pesticide, and herbicide free.

Stepin Ahead Hip Bag Company orange bag that clasps onto waist of pants made from leather and fringe
Stepin Ahead M3671
Hip Bag Company

Our newest products are a sassy one of a kind Fringe Hip Bag & Tote Hip Bag that clip on to your waist for shoulder free comfort and clutch free security. Bags are made from recycled, reclaimed, and scrap materials that include hair on hide, antique embellishments, and exotic leathers.

Growing Paper Products Koru Street three, multi colored, greeting cards made out of Recycled Paper hangning on display
Koru Street X304

At Koru Street, we give new beginnings to waste materials, turning them into something fun and useful. Our newest product is growing paper greeting cards; made in South America from recycled, plantable paper.

Crazy Crayon boxes with different colored stared crayons
Crazy Crayons X516

100% recycled crayons are handcrafted, multi-color and solid color crayons made from unwanted crayons collected by the National Crayon Recycle Program. The program reaches kids about the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

Forged From The Ashes Metalwork & Design artistic colored home ornaments matching Colroado mountains and flag colors
Forged From The Ashes Metalwork & Design X708

A Colorado company with products made in the USA. Products are custom, unique, and artistic. Our newest product is a triangle blue and copper Colorado flag patina with a rustic and vintage look.

Honey Gramz two jarred Honey Derived CBD oils
HoneyGramz X124

Our newest product is a Hemp-Derived CBD Oil & Raw Honey. CannaBiDiol (CBD) derived from the hemp plant is a legal compound extracted from the hemp that interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid System and is considered to offer a wide variety of therapeutic benefits.

Radowear Hat with Rado on it and female, women looking out into water
RadoWear X340

RadoWear has “play ethic” “fun ethic” and “outdoor ethic”. RadoWear is diverse with all Coloroado outdoor recreation. Our newest product is Colorado based designs for hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts!

Crystal Arrow orange, redish pink and blue Tea Towel with hummingbird flying next to flowers
Crystal Arrow X631

Hummingbird Tea Towel artfully designed and created by our family and then woven on old jacquard looms in Czech Republic, Europe. The detailed weave work and traditional craftsmanship is what separates them from most productions of similar items.

American Makers High Strung Studios sterling women bracelets that are fun to play with
American Makers M1239
High Strung Studios

Our newest product is a guitar string fidget bangle. Our jewelry is handcrafted from guitar strings with unique design aesthetic, which makes an uncommon gift for an eco-conscious musician or music lover. It’s jewelry you can play with!

Modern Farm house bath collection style
Kellsson Linens, Inc M1473

NEW! Modern Farmhouse bath collection from Avanti has a relaxing rustic style, charming designs and soothing tones. Kellsson Linens has a wide variety of quality products and price points in basic bedding from manufacturers across the USA, Canada, and Europe.

elk photo insdie of wooden frame put on display in box
Rocky Mountain Publishing Inc TG211

We offer quality custom art from exclusive artists: beautiful frames, mats, and mirrors. We are one of the strongest suppliers of western, wildlife, and photography art in the industry. Our newest product is made in the USA framed canvas and paper prints.

Christmas mugs by Carson Home Accent on wooden pedistal for photoshoot
Salesmark M1354
Carson Home Accents

Discover one of our newest products Carson’s domestically printed, vintage style,m 13 oz. camping mugs and Carson’s prism drop ornaments made from stainless steel and high quality glass crystals.

Open back female sweatshirt with hoodie sitting and looking out at snowy hills
Iwinn Style Company X617
Voxn Clothing

This light grey sweatshirt features ideal heat regulations: long sleeves and a cozy hood with an open back for a breezy feel!

Pounded silver rectangle necklace
IWinn Style Company X617
Lisa’s Creations Jewelry

Textured sterling rectangle wrapped in the center with tiny faceted Labradorite stones.

TPB BAllet-2
IWinn Style Company X617
Therese Patek Bags

The “Ballet” zip clutch will be a clutch that turns heads. The hair on the cowhide is one of a kind. Made in small batches in the USA.

Hamilton Perkins Earth Bag2-1
IWinn Style Company X617
Hamilton Perkins Collection Bags

Simple backpack recycled plastic bottles and recycled billboards. Features an outer pocket for smaller tech items. No two bags are ever the same.

Tipsy Light blue, purple Colorado sweatshirt
Tipsy Inc M2134

Your one-stop shop for all of your apparel needs. Our 40,000 square foot facility has its own cutting, sewing, finishing, embroidery and screen printing departments. Our newest product is an adult’s pigment dyed t-shirt.

Trans Ocean Enterprises Zappobz animal duck products made out of Capiz Shells
Trans Ocean Enterprises ZAPPOBZ X238

Our products are one-of-a-kind. Our newest product is ZAPPOBZ’s Capiz shell figurine lamp that can add just the right amount of splash and glamour into a setting.

Updated_Dowdle 3D Puzzles Buyers Choice Awards
Dowdle Folk Art X630
Dowdle is proud to present a new dimension in fine art, 3D Puzzles. Eric Dowdle’s paintings come alive in this unique three-dimensional art form. Using snipets from his paintings, a unique piece is formed. 3D Puzzles are giclée printed on high-end archival canvas and mounted to durable masonite board. Made in the USA with a precision laser and prepared by hand by local craftsmen.
Imperfect Accessory LLC Bundle Yarn hat, scarf and arm warmers
Imperfect Accessory LLC X523
Bundle Yarn

Our newest and most popular product is our Bundle YARN- a set of fingerless gloves, hat and scarf in the [Alex] color scheme. It comes in 5 different color schemes that are all named after friends. All of the models we use are friends and family. We like to keep it real. 

Casper Glass unieque stained glass ornaments of different colors
Casper Glass X301

Rescued window glass becomes sea glass becomes an art canvas becomes the feature exhibit on a gallery of unique gifts. Stained glass crosses are created from four pieces of glass in two sizes.

Salesmark M1354
Carson Home Accents

Prism drop ornaments made from stainless steel and high quality glass crystals.

Xplorer Maps Rocky Mountain National Park Map
Xplorer Maps X130
Xplorer Maps creates the world’s finest hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of national parks and other significant historical sites and destinations throughout the world.